Welcome to TechKnowSys - You need practical business web solutions? With TechKnowSys, that's exactly what you'll get.
Welcome to TechKnowSys - You need practical business web solutions? With TechKnowSys, that's exactly what you'll get.

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SEO for Professional Firms

Professionals and other individual proprietorships are often at a great advantage when it comes to pay per click listings and generic search listings. The synergy of two niches - their locality and their area of expertise - should not be underestimated. If you the professional play your search engine cards right, it is often easy to come out on top in Google, Yahoo!, and all of the other minor engines. The key again is the synergy of locality and your specific business's niche.

When engaging in pay per click advertising, a local professional should leverage their strength on locality and bid heavily on keywords for relevant geographic areas, and geographically descriptive keywords. An example of a relevant geographic area is the city or state where the practice is establishes such as Morristown, New Jersey. The small business should choose slightly less targeted keywords and focus within a narrow geographic area; such a strategy is likely to generate a satisfactory amount of traffic. Conversely, when conducting a location neutral search, keywords such as "Georgia" and "Atlanta" should be included with keywords relevant to the client's work. Using these strategies in tandem is an incredible way to easily knock the competition from the top spots in the ad listings.

Split testing on the two breeds of ad groups should also be conducted. Start with two ads for each of the two ad strategies; monitor the results of the ads, throw out the less effective and create a new ad. Iterate this process for both strategies; eventually the strategy that is working the best will become evident and you can begin to bid higher amounts on the strategy with the best ROI. For the professional seasoned in the AdWords game, time of day and other variables should be incorporated and tested accordingly.

The concepts we discussed above can also be applied to optimizing site content for organic search listings. Professionals should focus heavily on content rich in location keywords. Placing your site on location-specific directories is another excellent strategy; although it is essential to only submit your site only to relevant listing services and directories, otherwise Google may penalize your site, fearing it is a spam site.

The final keys to improving your page rank are a site map and a robots.txt file. A site map is nothing more than an XHTML file that can be automatically generated and submitted to Google, MSN, and Yahoo!; all three engines follow the same site map guidelines. A robots.txt file is not as easily generated, but shows search engines what content can and cannot be indexed by their spiders.

We at TechKnowSys can help you prepare and submit the appropriate files to the search engines to get your site noticed and indexed. We can also manage your AdWords campaign to ensure your advertising dollars are spent as effectively as possible.

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