Welcome to TechKnowSys - You need practical business web solutions? With TechKnowSys, that's exactly what you'll get.
Welcome to TechKnowSys - You need practical business web solutions? With TechKnowSys, that's exactly what you'll get.

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Blog: Tom Murzenski


Checking for Broken Links - Xenu Link Sleuth

8 August 2010
It's especially important to check on your links if your site has lots of links to other sites. What do I use? The solution I like best is an odd-ball little program called Xenu Link Sleuth [More]

Constant Contact Review - Part 3 - Random List Reviews

2 July 2009
Constant Contact's policies caused a client's campaign to be suspended in the middle of sending it, even though they have been a customer since 10/07, have had essentially no spam complaints and have had little organic growth over the past 7 months [More]

5 Reasons to Enhance Your B2B Marketing by Blogging

21 February 2009
Blogging is the growing social media field which is taking the Business-to-Business world by storm. Blogging itself has worked out its kinks and is now becoming a profitable field for any business, especially as blogs become easier to use. Ease of use is the first reason your business should blog for B2B markets. [More]

Mosso Problem

16 January 2009
I have used Mosso on behalf of a client for several months now. I have not had any problems with performance, though there was one brief period (about a half hour) where the site was down. This was during the day on a weekday. Not quite up to Rackspace standards. [More]

Constant Contact Review - Part 2

16 January 2009
Despite the Constant Contact misgivings I laid out in my previous post, I use Constant Contact every day - sometimes two or three times a day for different customers. This morning, I logged in and everything worked fine. Just now I tried to login and I am completely unable to even reach their site, due to a DNS problem [More]

Clicky Web Analytics Review

6 January 2009
Clicky Web Analytics is a service I can heartily recommend. I have used many web analytics packages over the years. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. After almost a half year of using the service, I have found the reports to be informative and very easy to use. I have provided the service to some of my best customers and the feedback has been uniformly positive. The trick with any web analytics package is to provide the information in an easy enough format that a site owner will actually use it on a regular basis (beyond the initial "wonder stage" of seeing analytics reports for the first time). In this, I feel Clicky is superior even to Google Analytics. The same information is available, but it takes fewer clicks to see the complete picture with Clicky. [More]

Constant Contact Review

27 December 2008
I have used Constant Contact for several years across several clients. I send out hundreds of thousands of messages every week to professionals in the insurance field (agents and brokers) and legal field (lawyers and expert witnesses). I find the service generally good, but I have a problem with their policies [More]
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