Constant Contact Review - Part 2

Despite the Constant Contact misgivings I laid out in my previous post, I use Constant Contact every day - sometimes two or three times a day for different customers. This morning, I logged in and everything worked fine. Just now I tried to login and I am completely unable to even reach their site, due to a DNS problem. Constant Contact has never been unreachable before, but I have to say, this is mighty inconvenient! According to a site that is the expert in this type of thing (, Constant Contact uses two nameservers. They appear to be two different computers (which is good) but both of them are unreachable (which is bad). Here is the verification that there is a problem:

Even if their website itself is doing fine, it's like they changed their phone number without telling anybody - and making it unlisted. So far, they have been down for at least a half hour. I'll note when they come back up again...

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