Using the "TITLE" in SEO

You may not know this, but your website's "TITLE" may be its most important feature when it comes to SEO. This is because when a search engine's spider crawls a site, the first thing it looks at is the title. If your title simply says "My Website", or even just the name of your company, then you are missing out on a golden keyword opportunity.

Your title should be about your website and your keywords. Ideally, it should NOT include the name of your company. Why not? you ask. Simple. Say you have a company, Jackson Home, that makes pot holders. People who search for "Jackson Home" are going to find your site whether you put your company name in the title or not; they're already looking for you. But what about the thousands of people out there searching for "pot holders" who have never heard of Jackson Home? Those are the people your website's SEO is designed to attract. You want to show them that Jackson Home is a good place to find pot holders.

Now, if you want, you could certainly structure the title to read "Find pot holders, dish towels, tea cosies and more at Jackson Home". But that's getting a little lengthy. "Pot holders, dish towels, tea cosies and more" is much better. "Pot holders and more" is shorter, but it loses some important (in the case of our imaginary company) keywords. Good SEO is all about striking a balance between the two.

It's important to remember, too, that the title is not the only place search engines will look. Yes, it is the first place they look, and yes, it is the most important place they look. But don't cram every keyword in your site into the title; search engines may not crawl it if you do that. Consider your website's focus, then choose the two or three most important keywords, and find a way to include them in the title. Just make sure you don't go overboard. Remember, too much is as bad as not enough, or maybe even worse.

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