5 Reasons to Enhance Your B2B Marketing by Blogging

Blogging is the growing social media field which is taking the Business-to-Business world by storm. Blogging itself has worked out its kinks and is now becoming a profitable field for any business, especially as blogs become easier to use. Ease of use is the first reason your business should blog for B2B markets.

  1. No HTML Knowledge Required: First comes the easiest part of blogging: you need to know little about HTML coding. You can create a blog post with absolutely no knowledge of HTML, using the blogging software we'll install in your site. Obviously, some HTML experience helps, but it's not required. We'll help you with some basics and familiarize you with the WYSWIG editor so you can liven up your posts a bit.
  2. Free Marketing: Marketing using a blogging platform is quite simple. I can't say you'll be getting millions of visitors within 90 days, but that's not the point of most campaigns, especially B2B campaigns. You want the RIGHT customers coming to your site. By blogging you're providing information and if that information helps other businesses or customers, they are more likely to be willing to work with you. Once you become a trusted expert in your field, the free marketing element becomes far more powerful.
  3. Do It Yourself: You can, again, do this all by yourself. For small businesses online, hiring expensive writers or a PR team isn't always an option. Many are scared of the blogging landscape, but doing it yourself means you're taking few risks. Putting a few hours into blog posts a week could lead to a good number of small sales, or one major B2B sale.
  4. Business to Business is a Billion Dollar Market: There are well over 200 million web sites online, and millions of businesses. However, while the B2B online world is a billion dollar market, it's smaller than the business to consumer (B2C) market. That doesn't mean you can't profit as much or more. Typically, companies who work with you are willing to give out higher paychecks. Why? Your service is needed, you're important, and they want to keep working with you over time. This isn't to say B2C should be ignored, but we're focusing on the advantages of B2B here.
  5. Business to Business Is Typically Bigger Single Purchases than B2C: It's not a stretch to say B2B buys are often far larger than B2C. True, homes and cars are B2C purchases, and each billion dollar markets. However, B2B incorporates major sales of things like manufacturing, while also the simple necessities like business vehicles and offices. When one company buys out another, it's often in the millions. This means your blog promoting your B2B online company has the opportunity to get sales much bigger than selling book or t-shirts.

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