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Whatever the size of your company, if you want to sell your products and services online, you need a website with e-commerce capabilities. Many people find themselves frustrated with inflexible “one size fits all” shopping cart packages offered by large companies, which is why we offer custom e-commerce.

What is Custom e-Commerce?

Most premade e-commerce platforms have one of two problems. Either they are too basic and aren’t robust enough for a company’s vast catalog of goods, or they’re too complicated and overwhelming to use. Additionally, they may be awkward to connect to your existing website.

At TechKnowSys, we believe that e-commerce should be tailored to fit your business. We talk to you about your needs and build a platform that has the options that are right for you, no more, no less. Our goal is to make it easy for you to list items, make changes, and keep an up-to-date inventory, all while being seamlessly integrated with the rest of your site.

Why Integrate e-Commerce into My Website?

When you handle your e-commerce needs through your company’s website, rather than through a third-party platform (like Amazon or eBay), you’re in control. You decide how your items are displayed and ranked. More importantly, customers only see your products – you’re not being displayed alongside your competitors!

If you’re questioning whether you need e-commerce at all, keep in mind that many customers prefer to shop online. Even if you have a storefront or showroom, having an online presence allows you to reach more customers and make more sales.

Why Go Custom?

A custom solution often ends up being the best value for your money. Here’s why:

  • No Compromises. With custom software, there are no compromises. The system is developed to exactly match your needs. As your needs evolve, the software can evolve with you.
  • Dedicated support. We know firsthand how important it is for things to go smoothly. This is why, no matter your issues, someone will be there to assist you in any way possible.
  • Smart Automation. You don't waste time doing things that should have been automated. With a custom e-commerce solution, all your needs are met with professionalism and swift resolve.
  • Easy Learning. You don't have to learn to use a complete system to only use a fraction of what that system has to offer. What you need is what you get. A custom e-commerce system will be familiar because it is based on your established policies and procedures.
  • An investment in your business. Even if implementing such a solution might take some time, it pays off in the end. Customers notice care invested in a website, it shows commitment, reliability and professionalism.

What Can a Custom e-Commerce Platform Do?

The goal is to create a site that does exactly what you need it to do. Here are a few examples of the custom solutions we’ve created for past clients: • •

Over the course of many years, we developed and refined a complex e-commerce management system for this client. Because these three distinctly different websites share a subset of a common inventory, this client presented some special challenges that we met with:

  • Centralized and distributed inventory management
  • Integrated purchase order system
  • Ability to manage diverse sales channels and manage commission to sales reps
  • Sophisticated executive reporting

For this client we created an online ordering system that manages the unique requirements of ordering flowers for funerals. This custom e-commerce system included:

  • Integrating a funeral home and their preferred florist
  • A system which tracks sales to manage commissions

Working in the arena of legal publishing made for some exciting challenges! Over the course of 10+ years we developed and refined the system upon which all of JVRA’s online sales are based. This robust e-commerce site includes:

  • A novel search and tagging system to relate case reviews to numerous legal categories
  • The ability to sell products that have distinctly different requirements
    • Traditional print subscriptions
    • Online subscriptions metered by number of article views
    • Single article sales with digital download
  • Account sharing, used by larger law firms

Because this client creates custom oil portraits from photographic references, we designed a custom e-commerce site that included an intuitive interface for customers to upload their photos while ordering their portrait. Additional features:

  • Backend system which manages a complex workflow that typically spans several months, involving a global network of artists
  • System tracks work assignments, proofing and revisions, physical movement of paintings and compensation of artists.

As you can see, we understand that different industries have different needs, and we have the flexibility to meet those needs.

Does Everyone Need Custom e-Commerce?

Actually, no. And we’ll be the first ones to tell you if we feel like there’s a pre-made e-commerce solution that’s just right for your business.

How Can I Learn More?

Contact us today. We’d love to talk about the perfect e-commerce platform for you.


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